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Fort McMurray Real Estate – Why Fort McMurray May Be The Perfect Place for You To Live!

Located two hundred and seventy miles northeast of Edmonton, Fort McMurray is one of Alberta's northernmost outposts. But despite its remoteness, it's also considered one of Canada's major hubs of oil production due to its proximity to the Athabasca Oil Sands. Many flock to Fort McMurray for the many opportunities that the town holds, and the town has gained a nickname “Fort McMoney” due to the major prospects the town affords for its residents.


Fort McMurray displays most of the characteristics of a “boomtown,” and because of this Fort McMurray real estate is a highly competitive affair. In 2006, Fort McMurray had the highest prices in Alberta. Because of this, real estate developers are among the many people who go to Fort McMurray seeking to make their living. Many of the houses for sale in Fort McMurray are recently built and prices are high due to the number of people who want to live there.


There are new subdivisions in the north and south sides of town offering a usual range of townhouses, one and two-story bungalows and single-family houses. Recently, luxury condominiums have been put into production, and the result is a set of exquisite, fully-furnished apartments with meticulous attention paid to every detail.


Also available in the Fort McMurray region are country homes and acreages. These acreages are large and comfortable properties, where residents can enjoy the immense beauty of the northern landscape while still remaining in full contact with the commercial and economic advantages of nearby boomtown.


While Fort McMurray is remote and difficult to access, there are a number of transportation avenues, including a public airport serviced by AirCanada, WestJet and numerous other major airlines. Having an airport nearby means being able to circumnavigate what would otherwise be a long drive back to major cities such as Calgary and Edmonton—a trip many need to take due to the large transient worker population, as well as the need to stay in contact with employers, friends and family in these areas.


Fort McMurray is a highly multicultural area, where Albertans make up only half of the population. Because of its high rate of growth, many expect that Fort McMurray will have a population of 100,000 by 2012. The economic opportunities in Fort McMurray show no sign of lessening, especially as increasing technological advances make extracting oil from the Athabasca oilsands an increasingly viable proposition.


If you're looking for Fort McMurray real estate, it's important to be prepared and educated about the various listings in the area. Timing is everything in a market as competitive as Fort McMurray, so understanding the real estate market in advance is a major advantage. Take some time to get to know the Fort McMurray real estate scene today.

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